Hello. My name is Koen Haans and my hobby is astronomy and astrophotography from my backyard. I live in The Netherlands under a light polluted Bortle scale 7 night sky. Some time ago I received an old Celestron G-8 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and Celestron CG-5 tracker mount. I set off in astrophotography with a second-hand Canon EOS 1000D DSLR and lots of patience. Lots of patience. So when the skies are clear and the city goes to sleep I stay up a little longer to capture the nightsky from my backyard.


My gear

Celestron G-8 SCT 8" f/10 2032mm
Celestron CG-5 tracker mount | Celestron Advanced VX GoTo mount
Omegon 80/400 achromatic refractor guidescope | Meade Off-Axis Guider | Omegon 1200b M camera
0.63 reducer | 9mm, 15mm en 25mm eyepieces | 2x barlow
Canon EOS 1000D unmodified
filters and masks
Optolong CLS light polution | Seymour Solar Filters Helios Glass | Bahtinov mask 8"
Stellarium | PHD2 | Astro Photography Tool | Deepsky Stacker | RegiStax | GIMP



Statement about KHWD (Koen Haans Webdesign): I am no longer active in the field of web design. My company KHWD has been discontinued from October 2018 and I no longer accept any web design work.


Thank you for visiting my website!